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Customer References

Here is a testimonial for your website:

We are really happy with the building work carried out by Home Counties.  We extended our lounge and kitchen and the work undertaken by your Company was of a

high standard.  All the tradesmen used showed a high level of skill and competence.  What could have been a stressful period for us was made a lot easier by

their politeness and professionalism.  We would use your Company again if we had any more building work and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your Company.

 Hope this is ok

 Thanks again for all your hard work


Paul & Jo Benfleet


 To whom it may concern:

 We have been asked by HCC Ltd to supply a testimonial of his work and professional abilities with regards to the building industry.He first came to our notice when he tendered for a project that we were managing on behalf of a client.The project was the construction of a new build Manse House for a church minister at Ashurst Drive Baptist Church, Ilford, Essex.He tendered for the project in competition with three other contractors, and won the contract.The initial reasons that he was chosen were that his tender documentation was very detailed and his pricing was very competitive.Once he commenced on site we found that he was very competent with his site organisation and very thorough with his attention to detail.On the occasion that there was a very minor defect we found that this was rectified immediately.We found that his quality of work and his building knowledge to be of a very high standard.The contract was finished under budget and a month less than the programme period that was set him.It is because of the above mentioned reasons that we would have no reservations with recommending HCC Ltd 

for any house building works                                                                                                                                      

Yours Sincerely,

 Jim Gordon

Principal Consultant


Apologies for the delay but as requested here is a paragraph or so on my thoughts on the quote you gave us for the work on Petrosa:   HCC prepared a quote for us to complete a double storey extension on our detached 1950s property.  The work involved pulling down the old single storey extensions, ground works, foundations, walls, 1st floor joists, constructing the roof, tiling, structural work to enable knock through, new windows in the old part of the house and the construction of two new dormer windows at the front of the property.   The quote produced broke the work down into the various stages described above and within each section the work was broken down further so it was easy to understand what was involved in each element of the work and how the quoted price was reached for each section.  The advantage of this meant that we could easily tweak the quote to add in and take out certain elements.    The other main advantage was that the quote was then used as the basis for the staged payments of work as it was completed. This allowed us to budget accurately and predict when we would need to have to money ready to pay out.  As the quote was broken down in detail it was easy to see exactly what we had to pay for and removed the ambiguity of what had or had not been done as everything was written in black and white!    There will always be some unforeseen costs on any building project but the quote did highlight where areas of concern existed and as the client where aware of these 'risk areas'.  An example of this was the engineer specified there needed to be a steel I beam over an opening in the existing building, but until the opening was exposed there was no way of knowing what we would find.   I feel that this system, even for those with little knowledge of construction, can look at the quote and identify what is involved with each element, even if they do not understand some of the technical data included on the quote.  In summary it was an excellent system that worked well for us and excluding the foreseen costs, the project came in on budget, which is the most important part.   Short version - we thought it was really good!   Hope this helps mate   Jeff

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