Pros and Cons of Skirting Boards

Skirting is used in so many places in our homes and offices. They are also used in hotels, motels and so much more. We also get to see that they are used in many other things like stairs, boat building, paneling, frames to mention just a few.

Like every material that man has learned to use and refined its use to suit his needs, wants and moods; not all that we use is good for us and for the earth.


· Skirting boards are a versatile and malleable material to work with.

· They give a beautiful finishing to most joined edges and corners.

· Wood is durable and can be sanded and refurbished a numerous number of times.

· When used in flooring; the result is not only beautiful and warm but kinder when we fall.

· Easy to cut and shape any way you like.

· The best material for the user and the worker.


· Before the plan to replant forests, the use of wood has caused a severe loss of trees which in turn is one of the causes of global warming.

· Using wood as a material encourages the illegal cutting down of forests.

· It is an expensive choice even in the cheapest type of softwoods.

· It is not environmentally friendly.

· A lot of wood is wasted during the cutting.

· Wooden finishing could breed wood mites, mold, and rot.

· Needs constant maintenance and to be kept dry.

Skirting boards are beautiful anywhere you put them and they can be used in many places. Whatever we use them for they always give good results but with the problems the earth is facing we need to find earth-friendly alternatives. Still, we can use them to a minimum in those things that are special like a favored frame or an old man’s cane.